"Red Sky Over Mono Lake" Featured Photographic print in Acrylic 30" x 20".


"Red Sky Over Mono Lake" Featured Photographic print in Acrylic 30" x 20".

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Late December 2017, magical tones paint Winter's twilight over the Easter Sierra skyline. Image is from Mono Lake near Lee Vining, California.

Occasionally DreamTreeVisions offers a special image that is  presented in the highest quality print medium. These prints will include the following:

  • Featured Prints are in stunning Acrylic. The "Print Run" is set to ten prints or fewer. 

  • Only if requested, the print is carefully signed by the photographer in the lower right corner with the title of the image, and the print run number. 

  • Each Featured Print includes a discrete back-tag artfully signified with DreamTreeVisions' logo, Print Number/Run Number and the Image Capture Date.  

  • A thank you letter from the Photographer on behalf of DreamTreeVisions' Educational Scholarship.

  • 30% of net proceeds from every purchase go directly towards DreamTreeVisions Educational Scholarship fund.  

  • Acrylic prints are special photographic prints that are face mounted on crystal clear acrylic panels. This process imparts a unique 3D quality to the artwork. Acrylic prints offer all the benefits of metallic prints and takes the image detail and luminescence to a level beyond stunning.

  • No need for framing. The print material presents a highly polished and professional product that focuses on the beautiful image with no framing material getting in the way. The result is a clean "float mount" on any wall.

  • Comes ready to hang.