DreamTreeVisions: "Taking Root" A newsletter

Taking Root # 2, December 31, 2020 issue of DreamTreeVisions Newsletter.

2020 has been a truly interesting year to say the least. Many have and continue to struggle through circumstances that were unimaginable just a year ago. Although it is easy to dwell on the hardships we, at DreamTreeVisions, make a conscious choice to focus on gratitude and thanks for the opportunity to share beautiful things with you. Our scholarship was a bit delayed this year but we are very happy to announce our scholarship awardee for 2020. This year the $1,000 award went to one person. Her name is Malia Wilson.

Malia is a Junior at La Salle College Preparatory School in Pasadena, California. She serves her school community by assisting with new student orientation, by lending her beautiful voice in "Music For The Masses" and is very active in Theater Arts. Congratulations Malia!


Taking Root # 1, August 28, 2019 issue of DreamTreeVisions Newsletter.

Welcome to DreamTreeVisions. In our inaugural year of DreamTreeVisions' Educational Scholarship we ended up with two recipients. The $1000 scholarship was divided into two $500 awards. 


The first recipient: Thurman Hou.

Thurman is a Junior at La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, CA. He very much loves sushi and is heavily involved in Cross Country and Track. Congratulations Thurman!


The second recipient: Vincent Vazira.

Vincent is a senior at La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, CA. Vincent is very involved in the Performing Arts as well as part of the Drum Line. He eagerly anticipates his senior year. Congratulations Vincent!