Featured Photograph "Red Sky Over Mono Lake"

Occasionally DreamTree offers a special image that needs to be presented in the highest quality print medium. These prints include the following:
  • Featured Prints are in stunning Acrylic and very limited. The "Print Run" is set to ten prints. 

  • Each Featured Print is carefully signed by the photographer in the lower right corner with the title of the image, and the print run number. (This can be left out or adjusted to the customer's preference.)

  • Each Featured Print includes a discrete back-tag artfully signified with DreamTreeVisions' logo, Print Number/Run Number and the Image Capture Date. 

  • A thank you letter from the Photographer on behalf of DreamTreeVisions' Educational Scholarship. 30% of net proceeds for every purchase made at DreamTreeVisions, go directly towards DreamTreeVisions Educational Scholarship fund.  

  • Acrylic prints are special photographic prints that are face mounted as a transparency to the back side of crystal clear acrylic panels. This process imparts a unique 3D quality to the artwork. Acrylic prints offer all the benefits of metallic prints and takes the image detail and luminescence to a level beyond stunning.

  • No need for framing. The print material presents a highly polished and professional product that focuses on the beautiful image with no framing material getting in the way. The result is a clean "float mount" on any wall.

  • Comes ready to hang with all needed hardware. 

  • Available in white gloss or metallic finish.

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