"Morro Bay Morning"

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"Morro Bay Morning"

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Fiery pastels blaze during predawn hours over Los Osos and Parts of Morro Bay. Taken from Black Hill above Morro Bay State park in Central California.

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  • Dimensions 20,800 x 7000 ppi. A beautiful panoramic print with a ( 2.97:1) aspect ratio.
  • Traditional photographic paper prints are available in 18" x 12". Image will be cropped to fit the ( 3 : 2 ) aspect ratio.
  • All other sizes are printed on brilliant, high quality "dibonded" aluminum metal. (The scale of this print requires reinforced structure)
  • Please note: Images on this website are roughly 2 Megabytes 
  • Files used in the printing process will contain 10 to 200 Megabytes of data and sometimes more depending on the size of print.  

Available in large format. Suggested size: 70" x 24". Smaller sizes available upon request.